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Horses and humans have walked together for thousands of years.  This long-standing relationship is impressive in that two very different species, horses being prey animals and humans being predator animals, have worked together as a team.

  However, not all past or present horse-human relationships have been honest on the humanís end, yet the horse retains authenticity and honesty.

Horses are the epitome of relationship.  Walk with them and let them teach you. 

Horses, being prey animals, are very sensitive to their environment.  They have to detect threats and danger in order to flee for safety.  This simple fact is the basis on which horses can detect emotional distress or content, intentions, behaviors and patterns in humans, humans being predatory and emotional beings.  Scientific evidence is becoming well-established regarding the strong electromagnetic waves from the heart, which validates the nature of predator-prey energy sensory mechanisms (resource).

Domesticated horses have an advanced ability to assess a humanís emotional well-being, having been side by side with humans for centuries.  Horses ďknowĒ humans and will attempt to trust and partner with humans, to form relationships.  A horse rarely attempts to do the same with a mountain cat, another predator.

A horse can detect a humanís emotional state, intentions and needs immediately, by reading a humanís body language and energy.  Thus, the horse will mirror the humanís feelings.
(ref:" Horse Heart Coherence May Be Key To Non-invasive Stress Detection")

If you are angry, the horse most likely will prefer to stay away from you and/or display behaviors that mirror your anger or give you a message about your anger. 

If you have fears and want help, the horse will often come to you and relay a message to you using body language.  The horse is eager to teach you, soothe you and help heal your soul.  If you have fears and do not request help, the horse will attempt to do the same but likely from a distance. 

When you are authentically full of love and joy, or desire that congruent state of being, the horse will come to you and relish in the relationship.

Horses may also have emotional trauma, and the human that understands them can help heal horses regain confidence, trust and develop a relationship.  Relationship is a two-way path.

Horses are the epitome of relationship and right Life-Way, living life with honesty, respect, appreciation within a community.  Horses are herd animals, and the herd reflects an authentic social community.  Horses accept each other without judgment.  They look out for each otherís safety and they do not abandon each other.

Horses also accept humans without judgment.  They will offer their unconditional love under honest conditions no matter who you are, as long as you are honest.

Horses can read you, and if you are willing, they will teach you how to walk the right path in life.  What horses can teach you is constructive for your inner relationship and with your relationship with others.

Horses are the epitome of relationship.  Walk with them and let them teach you. 

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